Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works has been sold!

US Natural Fibers LLC has purchased Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works. We will continue to process orders here at the farm until April 2015.

US Natural Fibers LLC will move our equipment in mid-April to a new location here in Springfield Kentucky. The new company will operate a scouring train with a dryer (250 pounds per hour wash and dried!), state of the art dehairing machine from Italy (owned by Natural Fiber Producers out of Grants Pass Oregon) and the processing equipment from FMFW all in a new 12,000 square foot facilty. Stay tuned for more exciting information about US Natural Fibers!


Welcome to Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works!


We are a full service fiber mill located on our farm in beautiful Springfield Kentucky. Services provided include washing, separating/dehairing, roving in center-pull bumps (no more messy loose roving in a bag!), batts and of course yarn including cored and rug yarn. We wash all of your finished skeins to remove the spinning oils so that you don't have to fuss with it! 


Along with caring for the alpacas, llamas, donkeys, Angora bunnies, laying hens, dogs and cats, we find the time to develop our own products.  There is our Surino yarn and roving line and the Flaggy Meadow Wear clothing line.  We recently started a new collaboration called Royalty Fiber Farm to develop a sock line featuring alpaca and silver technology for antibacterial and antifungal properties.  The alpaca fiber is purchased from US family farms and the socks are made in the USA.  We sell retail and offer wholesale accounts.


It is a venture which takes Kentucky another step forward in its vision of a new farm economy and the future potential of the natural animal fiber industry.  We continue to assist other producers and artisans in marketing natural fiber products and service even the smallest fiber livestock producer.  This process allows traceability from farm of origin to the end user.


Our mission is quite simple, to provide creative processing solutions for fiber farms and artisans, and make the finest natural fiber products available on the market.

Interested in a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT?  

Call Shawn Malloy at (859) 336-7272



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March 2, 2015