Alpaca Fiber



Alpaca Fiber is a flame resistant one when compared to the plant or synthetic fibers. At the same time, it is also more resilient and wrinkle resistant and it has the lower tendency to shrink. There are two major types of alpacas where the Huacayas have the bundled fiber when it is in the stage of full fleece. Next, Suri fleece falls in the lustrous locks. The real fact is that Suri fiber is softer than that of the Huacayas. This Alpaca fiber is processed in two types of methods such as woolen method and worsted method. This gigantic fiber comes in twenty-two different natural colors which range from white to black. It is a versatile, warmer, strong and water-resistant fiber and it is produced on a hardy animal. A study exclaims that the Alpacas are the easy keepers that are simple on the land and also making them as the ideal fiber animals. Generally, the processing can be woven, knitted and felted. On the other side of the flip, the crimpy one makes fabulous and crocheted applications. Both of the Huacayas and Suri can be felted and thus making Suri a longer process. It has several amazing moisture wicking capabilities.